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Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)

Do You Need To File For SSDI?
CASTAGLIUOLO LAW is here to help you!

Applying for and getting SSDI can be a lot of work. While applying for these benefits may appear easy and straightforward, it is anything but. What you don't know can hurt you! And there is a lot at stake: Screw up the application, and you may face a denial. That's why having legal representation for your Social Security disability claim is a good idea. Our team handles these cases on a regular basis. We can help make this sometimes painful process a lot easier for you.

We Make It A Simple Process

Being disabled is hard enough. You don't need to deal with the bureaucracy on top of it! This is why Castagliuolo Law makes it easy for you. It all starts during our free initial consultation where we evaluate your case. Once we take you on as a client, everything is on cruise-control for you.

We Will Keep You Informed & Your Stress At A Minimum

While we are working on your case, our team will keep you posted on every development affecting your case. You will be able to follow the process step-by-step without the stress of having to go it alone.

Remember This If Nothing Else...

Without the proper documentation and an accurate, complete filing, the Social Security Administration could deny your claim. This, of course, is not a result you want. Having an experienced SSDI lawyer by your side can make the difference between getting your benefits or being denied benefits.

For Those Who Have Been Denied Benefits: Talk To Us Before Giving Up

Has your SSDI claim been denied? Castagliuolo Law will look at your case and analyze the best options for your particular situation. Rest assured that being previously denied does not automatically mean that you are precluded from being approved this time around. Come talk to us to learn your options.

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Being disabled is hard enough, you don't need to deal with bureaucracy on top of it!

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