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Bankruptcy / Chapter 7

Are you struggling under the crushing burden of debt? Have you ever considered filing bankruptcy as a way out? Have your friends and family given you a ton of unqualified bankruptcy advice? Would you like the "fresh start" that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will provide you? Would you like to see many (if not all) of your debts cancelled? Legally?

If your answers to these simple questions are "YES !!", then Castagliuolo Law may be able to help you!!

Stop listening to the misinformation from your friends and family. Call us today to see if you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and then you can stop losing sleep over a VERY fixable situation. Let us show you how you can rid yourself of that crushing debt that is destroying the quality of your life. Legally. Do you want to start enjoying life again? Then call us today at 727-712-3333!

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At Castagliuolo Law we offer a free, no-obligation, first consultation. From your first consultation you will learn what is possible and what is not possible regarding your bankruptcy situation. We will explain the different legal options to rid yourself of your debt legally and effectively.

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